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Group/Team Coaching

In these turbulent and challenging times, helping groups and teams to effectively manage through change is critical. We design programs for groups and teams that differ from those offered via standard programs available in the marketplace. Our programs target the development of leadership behaviours that have a positive impact on organisational effectiveness and performance and in particular on the development of positive relationships. This is done through a blend of individual and group coaching.

The key aim of our programs is to increase relational effectiveness; we develop the group/team’s capability to enter dialogue that develops shared thinking and the development of the skills necessary to build high quality relationships using a developmental coaching framework.

We do not use proprietary or special material with ‘silver bullet’ qualities but rather promise that any tools, methodologies or approaches we use are in public domain peer reviewed literature and research.  We draw on the full body of knowledge in international leadership and applied psychology and can reference all aspects of our practices. 

Methodology & Approach

Developmental coaching focuses on the Intrapersonal development needed to meet complex leadership challenges. It refers to coaching aimed at developing increasingly complex levels of self-awareness, emotional regulation, cognitive understanding and systems understanding.

The literature on developmental coaching clearly shows that if you focus on developing the quality of people’s relatedness, then quality outcomes/ actions will emerge. This is primarily because leaders and group/team members are given the opportunity to co-create the outcomes.

While we use leadership trait and competency frameworks to guide our work, we do not provide training, our approach creates opportunities for program participants to gain insight, learn and grow.  Our view is that the creation and maintenance of high quality relationships underpin effective leadership. During our programs, participants are always encouraged to develop relationship skills by listening, discussing, collecting feedback and building trust.

We provide a number of frameworks that help them to make meaning of their complex environments, reduce conflict and confusion, share experiences and design strategies that change behaviour. We use an ‘evidence-based’ approach that is always interactive and presented with deep mutual regard for program participants. We ensure that we create an environment where mutual learning and growth can occur.

Essentially the programs we run aim to:

  • Bring participants together to create a forum where a level of trust and dialogue can be built.
  • Provide cognitive and organisational frameworks that assist participants to interpret the environment within which they ‘live’ and to create a shared common language that each participant can use to formulate group goals and describe success.
  • Use this shared common language to reduce the non-transparent nature of political and unconstructive cultures.
  • Provide individual opportunities to reflect and make personal changes and discoveries and build confidence and resilience.
  • Build commitment to action and the development of lasting personal change and growth.
  • Allow participants to practice and enact their development in real time offering greater development and behavioural change than conventional leadership development.


Discussions during the group sessions are termed ‘reserved public space’ in that it cannot practically be confidential - group members will discuss and agree upon the levels of discretion that will be exercised by group members. 

However, no member or the coach can be required to disclose any content of the group proceedings.  All individual sessions are confidential and anything discussed outside these sessions must be agreed to by the coach and coachee.